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Packed with gorgeous beaches and awesome surf breaks

Boretunet is located at Jæren, a scenic stretch of coastline offering surfing spots that range from easy and gentle beginner beaches to more advanced breaks. It's the preferred place for surfers both experienced and beginners.

For all levels

We offer equipment rentals, private lessons and surf camps for those looking to stand up on a surfboard for the very first time, to those looking to take their existing skills to the next level.


We'll get you shredding in no time and saying words like radical and pumping. Book your stay or rent your gear with us today. 


Learn the basic in surfing

A surf course is a great way to get the right tips and tricks on the path to riding your first wave. With us you will get the basic in. This is important as riding waves and understanding the ocean is key to progression and fun. 

Our instructor is former Norwegian champion and has been surfing on Jæren for 15 years +. He has life saving course and is focused on safety every day. 

Surf equipment rental

Keeping warm and having the right board makes everything so much better. Thats why we have a the best equipment for our guests.

So book your course with us and have the equipment for your entire stay if wanted. Going surfing when ever you want. Sun rise or sunset surfs are the best, you better be ready! 

Who can take a surf course

The surf lesson lasts for 2 hours, and is fitting for everybody. After the lesson you can use the equipment and surf on with your friends, familie or co-workers.

For kids under the age of 8 we prefer a parent or teacher to come along. Safety is always important to us. 

We can accommodate big groups, work shops, weddings etc. 


Bore Beach

A consistent white sand beach break with shifting peaks. Picks up a lot of swell and is perfect for beginners and fun small summer session.  

  • Surf camp

  • Surf lessons

  • Rental


Sele point

At the north end of Bore is Sele beach, a fun river mouth pointbreak. Breaking both right and left over sand and cobbelstone, with the rights better and longer. This point works well with north winds and dont need much swell to have a fun wave. Perfect spot for intermediate surfers and longboard.

Surf is a lifetime companion, without limits and exceptions

We share the happiness we find in life by creating nice vibes, organizing surf lessons, and taking you along on one of our surf trips. Let's take your trip to the next level.

All you need for a good surf session

Can’t find what you are looking for or got any questions? Contact us and we’ll put together a tailor made package for you.

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