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Boretunet Surf Fest 2021 - lørdag (eksport) - foto Ivar Vasstveit-31.jpg

A celebration of longboarding, coastline and music:

Boretunet Surf Fest

Coming on the 8-10th of April 2022

On the weekend before Eastern we host one of the largest longboarding events in Scandinavia along with inspiring activities and live music. Interested? Read more below.


The main competition is longboard classics. Judged on similar criteria to longboard divisions in renowned associations as the World Surf League and the International Surfing Association, surfers compete in 3-5 man heats to go through rounds towards the final. 

Registration and preliminary heat schedule for longboard classics will be available in here in LiveHeats from February.

Do you rock a surfboard above 9 feet and single? Or maybe you are into that 1+2 action? Sign up to the BSF longboard classics and show your skills! 

If you do not own a surfboard long enough to qualify as a longboard, or one competition is simply not enough, fear not. Our very own expression session, the Whomp, Chomp & Stomp, is the most entertaining hour of the event for both spectators and surfing surfers. A diverse panel will pick out the best whomp, chomp and stomps (wipeout, ridden wave and manouvre) to later be announced at the award ceremony. Whomp, Chomp and Stomp is open to competitors and party participants as a addition when signing up.

Saturday night party

Boretunet Surf Fests Saturday night has been acclaimed the best party of 2021 and we plan for nothing less this year. 

Set list will be announced gradually and tickets drop in February.

Happening at our place there is plenty off accommodations available. From our cozy two floor apartments to the pop up caravan camping make sure you contact us in good time to secure your stay.


All competitors and crew are invited to the party.

In addition to competitors and crew we will release 100 tickets for those who wish to join us for the Saturday night. 

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